Wednesday, 13 December 2017


(Photo credit: @hazeleyed_k on Instagram)
Let’s be real: sometimes when you see those before and after pics of weight loss transformations on social media, it makes you think, is this the real person or not? Maybe it’s two different people because one person couldn’t lose THAT much weight? Or could they?

Well, enter Ashley, the beautiful, young, Juris Doctor who lost over 120 pounds in 8 months from changing her diet, getting with a trainer and saying enough is enough when it comes to fat.  Every week on her social media, she shares some nuggets of how she transformed and how she’s never going back. Here is Ashely’s own words of how she did and motivation for you to do it too.
(Photo credit: @hazeleyed_k on Instagram)
“No pills! No wraps! No surgery! Fitness is a never ending journey with many ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for anything,” says Ashley. “In 8 months I lost 122lbs and I’m still pushing harder than ever through every workout to transform my body. I still have stretch marks as you can see and I love them! They are a constant reminder of what I used to be! I still have some loose skin and eventually I’ll have to have corrective surgery to get it removed but for now I lift heavy to stay as tight as I can.”
(Photo credit: @hazeleyed_k on Instagram)
“Most importantly never listen to yourself when you get tired. Make sure you go into the gym with a plan and see it through! Never cut your workout short when you get tired! Finish what you said you were going to do!”

Ashley continues to drop gems on social media about what it takes to transform your body and life.
“Rule #1 never miss a Monday workout! Go beast mode and push hard through every rep and every set. Lift heavy today! Why not increase 10 more lbs? Hit the cardio hard and make sure it’s high intensity! Find someone who matches your drive and workout with them!”
“Nothing comes easy. There are no quick fixes that will give u a healthy lifestyle. There is no end to your journey. And it’s YOUR journey alone. Don’t compare yourself to others because every little accomplishment is one step in the right direction for YOU. I am constantly working to improve! You are beautiful and amazing and you can do this!
“Never let someone tell you that you can’t . If I can do it you can! This journey is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but it’s so worth it to be comfortable in my skin! Thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement!”


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